The Raven focuses on making video reviews of items for live action role-play and table-top role-play games, articles hereof, as well as a rental service of LARP gear and organising LARP arrangements. The review videos will be on YouTube, but linked from here. The articles will only be on this site.


The Raven has published a fantasy novel. Read all about it here: A Legacy of Gods and Darkness
• Merchandise for the book is available here:

The first five videos are online now on our channel på YouTube, and these videos are in English. You may also find the videos here along with the corresponding articles in English.

Should you be interested in upcoming reviews, you can check our pipeline here.

The Raven may be contacted by phone +45 30 336 339 (Jens Jakobsen).

Role-play birthday parties may be booked by phone or email

We do not presently sell to private individuals, only to associations, institutions, schools, clubs and businesses, and only in volumes of 20+ units. That said, if you're a LARPer in an association, it might be possible to get your association to order a number of items for you and your fellow members - in that case have association board contact us.

- The Raven

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