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December 25. 2021 saw the first publication of a book from The Raven. Written by Jens Jakobsen, the high-fantasy series delves into the isekai genre, taking on many of the tropes and stereotypes portrayed across the other-worldly genre. It's dark yet lighthearted, romantic, exploratory, and conspiratorial.

Title: A Legacy of Gods and Darkness
Series: The Isekai Saga of Edlin

Edlin, our protagonist, has been summoned to another world. Torn away from his approaching wedding day. Intended to have been a hero to fight the dread dragon Nerith, the magical tests performed show that he has no skills really required for the task. Learning the language and discovering why he had been summoned, he takes up the task with what he can do; find a way to fight a 40-yard dragon and assemble a team to do it. They will need to rally behind a hero, and the best place to look for a bad-ass action hero and team is at the adventurers' guild.

Ways to get summoned to another world:
✓ Ritual performed by dusty old wizards.
✓ Hit by truck while rescuing someone.
✓ Walk through portal you haven't seen.
✓ Ceremony by priests at a temple.

Things to see and do in other worlds:
✓ Go on an adventure.
✓ Fight monsters.
✓ Rise in the ranks.
✓ Gain powers.
✓ Eat delicious food.
✓ Gather a harem.
✓ Meet the gods.

The Isekai Saga of Edlin : A Legacy of Gods and Darkness is available worldwide from Amazon.
• Paperback, 564 page novel: ISBN 978-8797348604
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Also available from:
Køge Bog og Idé
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