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Children's role-play party

Role-play is for both boys and girls, and where a boys- or girls- only birthday might be fine, the mixed-gender ones are usually more lively - read more on this below. We offer three different types of birthday party events:

Assorted role-play games. (Read more on those here)
The allotted time is spent with training and miscellaneous battle-games for teams and all-versus-all.
Price per child: 70 DKK. (Including lease of belt, sword and surcoat.)
Travel expenses: 200 DKK (Sjælland).
Total for 10 children: 900 DKK.
Total for 20 children: 1600 DKK.
Total for 30 children: 2300 DKK.
Planned role-play.
We can utilize one of our standard scenarios for this, or create a new one based on the birthday child's wishes. It is not uncommon that the game includes training, planning, trade, espionage and battle.
This often requires the creation and acquisition of extra materials ahead of the game, which must of course be recompensed.
Price per participant: 70 DKK. (Including lease of belt, sword and surcoat.)
Lease of shield: 10 DKK per shield.
Lease of bow with 5 arrows: 25 DKK per set.
Travel expenses: 200 DKK (Sjælland).
Role-play with the association Sleipnir.
The party will be weaved into the story unfolding in Sleipnir's weekly game. Sleipnir's game focuses on player interactions, wherein you'll find training and battle as the teams are often in conflict.
Price per child: 50kr. (Including lease of belt, sword and surcoat.)
All events start with the introduction of the event managers and a walkthrough of rules, including safety instructions.

Some have reservations about pitting girls against boys in sword fights. There's a prejudice that boys are great at it and that girls are not. Experience often shows that while the boys will throw themselves into the battle, girls hold back a bit - but girls are typically quick at learning how to wield a sword, while the boys ignore that they can be taught anything, so at the end of the day - if the girls are daring enough - they can easily defeat the boys.

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