Name: Gudmond Short Sword
Manufacturer: Mytholon
Brand: Hammerkunst
Materiale: Polyurethane foam, fiberglass core
Total length: 83.5cm
Blade length: 64.5cm
Blade width: 4.2cm (widest)
Guard width: 19.5cm
Balance point: 54.0cm (from tip)
Grip length: 11.8cm
Pommel length: 4.6cm
Weight: Weighed at 285g, listed as 320g
Colour: Dark silvery gray
Retail price: €89.90

The sword's foam is soft and durable, but it is a dense and heavy foam which makes it less suited for smaller players. The sword is pretty but is quickly discoloured during a battle where the outer layer of paint is scraped off. The sword is not stab-safe, but so far we've not experienced issues with tips that break during usage. The weight distribution is okay, but could have been lighter towards the tip to make it more manoeuvrable. The fiberglass core is not wide enough to keep the sword from whipping during a fight. The grip is rubber, has an oily feel when you first get it. The blade is moulded and will therefore not have issues with two glued halfs coming apart.

See test and review here:

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