Palnatoke was a Danish manufacturer of LARP weapons, leather equipment, and props for films and TV. They started in December 2000 and closed their doors April 2017 after disputes between management and the main investor.

Also known as "Palnatoke - Rollespilsakademiet" it was known for exceptional durability and were instrumental in setting standards in LARP weapons, including changing the fiberglass cores from squares to round.

Occational batches would suffer from the clear coat dissolving and becoming sticky.

Durability was one of their greatest sales points. The junior series of swords had an average life expectancy in after school clubs of 2 years, where the swords were used 5 days a week - and often by children who would abuse the weapons. For comparison, many other brands would last up to 3 months in this environment.

A number of engineering feats were behind this increased durability and we are all the poorer for the loss of Palnatoke.

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