What we track and why
We log your IP address, time of the request, and which URL you attempt to retrieve. If you're logged in, we add your unique user number to the log. This is in part to safeguard against malicious attempts at gaining access to the site, and to allow us to do statistics on which pages and articles are in demand and so can be cached for faster response.
Failed login attempts are logged separately, and for security reasons, a number of unsuccessful attempts within a limited time frame will result in blocking the account.
Account details
We keep the details listed on your account page. Linked to this are your order and payment history. We keep financial records for 5 years even if your account is closed or deleted. The financial records are encrypted.
Linked accounts
If you've linked your account to a Patreon account, you can unlink it from your account page - we won't keep track of that, but you can always relink it later.
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