Skian Mhor in Scotland manufactures items for live roleplay. They've distinguished themselves through many years by creating quality weapons with long durability.

While they have had a few massproduced items in the past, they've always created unique models, and the latter is their sole focus now. We've been in possesion of sword, shield, bow, wizards staff and quarter staff since 2012 - and while they've not been in constant use during that time, they have been used frequently and have stayed in excellent condition with a single exception; the quarterstaff got abused as a walking stick where people would lean on it to support themselves causing the foam to become tender in one end.

Soon we will feature review of two new items from Skian Mhor: a thrust-safe spear and a new quarterstaff.

You can visit Skian Mhor here:
Skian Mhor

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