The following items are in the pipeline for upcoming reviews, in no particular somewhat alphabetical order:

• Agrippa II Veteran
• Freeman crowbar
• Cal.45 Colt Peacemaker
• Double-barrel pistol
• Pirate blunderbuss
Eulen Spiegel
• Water based body paint
Fabri Armorum
• Steel blades (for metal-head LARPers/reenactment/jousting)
• Arrows
• Bows
Iron Fortress
• Epic Armoury : Elven blade
Kyte Games
• BattleMonsters
Leonardo Carbone
• Leather beltbag
• Robin hood hat
• Shirt
• Woolen cloak
• Tilly suede jacket
• Miscellaneous
Skian Mhor
• Quarter staff
• Celtic knotwork spear
Team Dread Streets
• Dread Streets
Wyvern Crafts
• Scabbard with belt
• Type I axe
• Type I dagger
• Type I short sword
• Type I spear
• Type I throwing dagger
• Type II throwing dagger

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