The Hammerkunst brand is produced in Germany by Mytholon. Where the brand has had trouble with durability with the old weapons, the latest series has proven quite durable.

Take a look at or test and review of Hammerkunst Gudmond short sword here.

Some history

Hammerkunst was originally made by German Freyhand, which was bought by Mytholon in 2006, and even back then these moulded weapons had a reputation for being horrendous to be hit by. Their then cheap price did secure them a place on the market, and as there were frequent breakdowns on the production line so distributor and retailer stocks were often emptied and they could remain in back-order for half a year or more.

Freyhand split from Mytholon in 2014, but the Hammerkunst brand has remained with Mytholon.

The old Hammerkunst swords were not great to be hit by. Their heavy foam became extra hard in cold weather and several role-play associations prohibited their use during winter, or entirely - both for junior and senior games.

The first of these new Hammerkunst swords we reviewed was during the summer, in episode 1, and revisiting the sword during the winter has shown that they are still not a great deal of fun to be hit by in cold weather.

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